The NovaTech™ initiative is comprised of our Tokenization and Technology team, and the Commodities Management Team.

NovaTech Team

Doug Gaines

Former member of the Board of Directors for the Louisiana Oil and Gas association. His extensive first-hand knowledge of the industry brings a valuable resource to the behind-the-scenes operations of Novatech.

As an entrepreneur with forty years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Mr. Gaines has held positions in operations, management, and administration, utilizing his accounting degree to become the Chief Accounting Officer of Fitzgerald Production Company.

In 1991, Doug engineered and developed a buyout package of Fitzgerald Production Company’s ownership. Since that acquisition thirty years ago, he has expanded the single entity company into five separate entities with diverse dealings in oil and gas production, oilfield services, oil and gas acquisitions, oil and gas development and divestments, timber management, and rental property management.

Gary Sommese

Mr. Sommese is the Founder and developer of Air Lift Technology, designer of the ALT system. The ALT system is now in its 4th generation and Mr. Sommese continues to advance its technology expanding depth and flow metrics as well as efficiency for ALT’s 5th generation pump.

Mr. Sommese is responsible for ensuring timely deployment of the hyper efficient pumping technology on wells in the Novatech portfolios. This key patented pneumatic technology is considered our first choice when revitalizing low volume oil wells.

Dr. Jason Rose

Dr. Rose has a drive to learn and achieve success which started with receiving his BS, MS, and Chiropractic degrees to then successfully running multiple companies early on.

With extensive experience as an owner and handling administrative and financial management of $200m+ in transactions across a diverse group of companies, Dr. Rose has been at the forefront of leading disruptive tech companies to success. With an extensive network of strategic contacts, Dr. Rose brings immeasurable value to the Novatech vision. Novatech

Hitesh Juneja

One of the key driving figures behind Novatech’s initiative, Mr. Juneja brings an invaluably diverse set of skills and experience to the project.

With background in Biotech, Genetics, unorthodox energy systems (like Microbial Fuel Cells, Bioreactors and more), and a storied multi-billion-dollar business development experience in eCommerce and financial markets, Mr. Juneja is uniquely positioned to make the Novatech Energy vision a reality.